In the deep of Michigan’s cold winter, you don’t want to be caught off-guard by the cold. You want a reliable heating solution that will keep everyone within the property safe. You also don’t want a system that might break down in the dead of night or the middle of winter. Boilers are an excellent source of heating because they provide more heat than forced-air heating.

Beyond all the technical information about boilers, your concern is if the boiler will provide you with reliable heating solutions. The reliability of the boiler will depend on these factors:

  • Installation—you need professional installation.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance
  • On-time repair and replacement of worn-out parts

If you have done the above, a boiler should generally be:

  • Efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Designed and installed for optimal heating results

If you notice anything that could suggest that your system has a problem, it is advisable to call in an expert.

Today, you don’t have to stick around with the old technology that was inefficient and costly. We are on hand to offer you modern boiler systems that will help you cut your energy bills significantly while providing optimal heating needs.

Both steam and hot water boilers serve residential and commercial heating needs. The steam boiler offers residential and commercial heating only. The hot water boiler is an emergent technology that provides a combination of warm water and heating solutions.

If you are looking for an efficient heating solution, a hot water boiler is your best bet. However, always work with your technician to assess your heating needs before installing the new device.

Carter Mechanical specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of heating boilers. Choose a specialist boiler technician because general HVAC technicians may not have information on boiler inspections or installations.

Why choose Carter Mechanical for your boiler needs?

  • We are certified and licensed boiler technicians in Michigan.
  • We have extensive experience in operating and maintaining various boiler systems.
  • We keep our skills updated through regular training and support.
  • Our partnerships with reliable and trustworthy boiler brands
  • Our technicians are bonded and insured.
  • We are specialists in Crown Boiler Co. and Viessmann boilers.

Choosing an expert or approved installation and maintenance expert ensures that you get the manufacturer’s recommended installation and maintenance protocols. Although the working mechanism of boilers is usually the same, each manufacturer has a unique technology that only trained technicians to know. 

Our partner, Crown Boiler Co, has over 35 years’ experience in making different types of boilers. They also have more than three decades serving the national boiler systems market. Velocity Boiler Works are exclusive marketing agents for Crown Boiler Co.’s high-efficiency boiler products. We work closely with them to bring you their iconic products such as Phantom commercial boiler series and Raptor Combi for residential heating.

We are also proud to be associated with Viessmann, another iconic heating solutions product manufacturer. This German boilermaker offers some of the most efficient boilers in the market supporting retrofits and new constructions.

You may not know that boilers are different. You may have heard that there are gas-fired and oil-fueled boilers. You may have also heard gas condensing and non-condensing units. A suitable technician will help you decide the most suitable boiler for your residential or commercial property.

Our advice is simple; choose a specialist who understands product sizing. Buying an efficient system is one thing, but installing the wrong size could lead to wastage or suboptimal results. The installation must be set using the same principles of efficiency.

We have committed to the values of customer service, professionalism, and fidelity to sustainable energy footprint. We understand that commercial and residential properties are also moving towards this desired goal.

Our partnership with Viessmann and Crown Boiler Co is a testament of this commitment. The two boilermakers offer easy-to-use systems that will provide you with optimal heating at the least cost possible. Our commitment to reliable and trustworthy brands is an assurance to our customers.

Why do you need a certified technician?

  • Your product warranty depends on it.
  • Your safety and that of your residents will depend on it.
  • The quality of service determines your system longevity, cost, and output.

Since 2003, Carter Mechanical has delivered heating solutions to residents and businesses throughout Michigan. We can provide state-of-the-art heating solutions for all your residential and commercial services. We will continue to value you as a customer. Do not hesitate to call us. Our technicians will be on hand to break down any technical jargon that may interfere with your choice of boiler.

New or Old if you need boiler work done in Michigan just call Carter Mechanical

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