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Do Your Employees Wear Parkas in July?

We tend to spend more time at work than we do at home today. And while we’re at work, we want to be comfortable and certainly not sweltering in the summer.

Should we be the owner or president of the company, we also don’t want our employees too cold – it’s so bad for morale….

That’s why Carter Mechanical’s expert air conditioning system installation and repair services can fix two problems at once: unhappy – and uncomfortable – employees, and the loss of their productivity – and the resultant hit to your bottom line.

Carter Mechanical’s commercial unit repairs and installs:

  • Split Systems
  • Roof-top AC Units
  • Air Filtration Systems
  • Make Up Air Systems
  • Server Room Cooling Units

If you’re thinking of building your own commercial space, or if taking on a build-to-suit and need some input, we can design, build and install cost- and energy-efficient AC units.

Keep Your Company’s Books from Burning Up with Affordable HVAC System Repair/Installation

One woman’s comfortable is another man’s swelter pit.

You know this, your managers know this, and even your employees know this. But such knowledge doesn’t keep your heating costs down, does it?

And then there’s those times when the heating system breaks down or it needs to be replaced completely.

Fun times at the water cooler! Especially in January.

Carter Mechanical offers heating repair and installation services:

  • Furnaces
  • Hot water and steam boilers
  • In-floor heating systems
  • Roof-top units (up to 100 tons)
  • Geothermal systems
  • Design and installation of air duct/heating systems
  • Zoning systems
  • Ductless heat pumps
  • And more

If you’re a property manager and your company is building new commercial space, contact our Michigan heating and cooling HVAC service to learn more about our design and installation services. No matter where you are in your construction, we can design and install a heating system that will save your company energy (and therefore money)

Let’s talk for a minute about Fujitsu Airstage Commercial VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Systems.

These Systems are completely customizable and designed to provide efficient heating and cooling for practically any size building. Let Carter Mechanical design and quote the system that’s the perfect
fit for you & your company. Contact us today!

Need to Cool a Server Room/Data Center?

We can help with that as well… from small rooms to larger installations. Carter Mechanical can assist you with design and planning of your new server room or retro fitting and updating of your current space and we might be able to help you run more efficiently saving you some money in the long run.

Please check out this video on Fujitsu Cool-Central Liquid Cooling Technology.

Keep Your Company’s HVAC Costs in Check
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