Your Familys Comfort is Our Priority

There’s a critical and important reason Michigan’s families need heating and AC:

It’s cold outside in winter and extremely hot and humid in summer.

It’s more than likely that your family isn’t actually home together very often, what with work schedules for the adults in the home and school/activity schedules for the children.

So when all of you actually are home together, you want your family to be comfortable. After all, it’s hard to be a happy family when the air conditioning has broken and it’s 98 degrees and sticky outside – and in!

Come winter, if your heating system needs replacing you want it replaced pronto! After all, hearing the sound of your 6-year-old’s teeth chatter doesn’t exactly make for a happy evening popping popcorn and watching a movie together.

That’s why Carter Mechanical offers (24-hour emergency) heating/AC repair service.

  • When you need heat, we’re on it.
  • When you need AC, we’re there.


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