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Keeping You Cool in the Heat

When your air condition is broken – or if you need it replaced immediately – you want your heating and cooling HVAC in Michigan service to get there ASAP (in fact, make it double-time ASAP!).

Carter Mechanical repairs and installs:

  • Roof-top AC units
  • Central AC units
  • Chillers and coolers (small units)
  • Humidifiers
  • Air filters and systems
  • And more

In addition, if you’re building a home, we’re happy to come by and help you design a great heating and cooling system from the ground up.

Lest We Forget: Winter

No one should be cold during a Michigan winter. Absolutely no one!

Whether your water heater has gone kablooie. (Cold water shower? No thank you!) Whether your wall heater has seen better days and needs replacing. Whether geothermal system has broken down and you have family coming for the holidays, Carter Mechanical’s team of expert heating unit installers and repair technicians are quickly to the rescue!

(We may not ride a white horse, but we’re nevertheless knights to the rescue in our service trucks!)

We can install/repair the following heating systems;

  • Furnaces
  • Floor heating systems
  • Hot water tanks, including tankless water systems
  • Kitchen hoods and exhaust systems
  • Ductless heat pumps
  • Geothermal heating systems
  • And more

And, just as we do for your AC system, if you’re building a new home, let our experts meet with you to design an energy- and money-saving heating system, one that’s sure to keep your family warm in a Michigan January for years to come.

Save Some Cool Cash with a Geothermal HVAC System

A home’s geothermal system is pump-based and, while geothermal systems are incredibly reliable, pumps and other mechanicals of the system can – and definitely do – break down from time to time.

Carter Mechanical installation and repair technicians are experts in geothermal unit installation and repair. Which means your family will be able to throw away the wool blankets in winter or sweating profusely in the heat of summer with a new or repaired geothermal system.

(For a more thorough summary of the benefits of geothermal systems, visit our Geothermal page.)

Keeping Your Family Calm, Cool and Collected – or Warm!
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